the Legacy continues…………………….
Gregory R. Mann, Ph.D. {ret.}

Welcome to the “OCEAN  TREASURES” Memorial Library, which contains my personal field research encompassing the years 1971 to 2002. The library itself, was originally established on July 3, 2001 in the Yahoo Groups. On December 25, 2013, the library relocated to its permanent home which now provides the newest features in upgraded technology and personal flexibility to carry on with its legacy.

Many of the photographs, documents and posters contained within this web site, were used as part of this outreach science program. The program spanned 19-years of displaying unique assembly and classroom presentations from the pre-K to the collegiate curriculum within the American, Canadian & Australian education systems. A complete list of the past presentation cities can be found by accessing the “Ports of Call” file contained in the “OCEAN  TREASURES” menu tab.

All photographs contained within this web site, are hereby made available “free” for any personal use. For any type of commercial use of these photographs, complete author credit to Dr. Gregory R. Mann must be acknowledged.

LEGAL NOTICE: The complete set of all of original negatives combined with their individual creation dates of these photographs, have been retained and registered at the law offices of Stobl & Sharp located in Bloomfield Hills, MI to secure any future legal disputes which might arise regarding the ownership and overall use of any of the photographs contained herein.