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Gregory R. Mann, Ph.D. {ret.}

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Stenalla frontalis”

The Atlantic Spotted Dolphins have a long slender beak typical of Spinner Dolphins. This species has a stocky head & body and larger flippers, flukes and tail than Spotted Dolphins making them slightly larger in size. The average adult body length of the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin is 1.66-2.29 meters and females tend to be lightly larger than males. The average weight is approximately 90 kilograms. In spite of the larger size, it is often difficult to distinguish these 2 species when their ranges overlap. Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are known to travel in pods with Spinner Dolphins often forming subgroups separated by age, sex and reproductive status.

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are agile swimmers known to flip & leap from the water. They communicate using whistles that are distinguishable among individuals by humans. They also communicate with clicking and other sounds. This communication is sometimes used when the animal is in distress. The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin like other dolphin species, will support wounded or sick animals in the water until they recover or die. Atlantic Spotted Dolphins are found in the tropical & temperate waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They inhabit the continental shelf along the southeastern and Gulf coasts of the U.S. In the Bahamas however, the Atlantic Spotted Dolphin is found in the shallow waters over sand flats. Atlantic Spotted Dolphins feed on invertebrates like squid & octopuses as well as a wide range of fishes.

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