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Gregory R. Mann, Ph.D. {ret.}

White Pelican

“Pelecanus erythrorhynchos”

The White Pelican is one of the largest forms of aquatic birds. They are also the species of pelican that most people are familiar with in terms of their overall appearance. The name pelican” comes from the Ancient Greek word pelekan (πελεκάν), which is itself derived from the word pelekys (πέλεκυς) meaning “axe”. They are believed to be a symbol of peace and good luck in many cultures. The body of this pelican as you may have guessed by the name, is completely white. They have a very round body and a long neck. The bill is a light orange or tan color. They also have some yellow under the eyes. They can range in length from 50 to 67 inches. The bill itself can be up to 14 inches of that size. The overall weight can be from 11 to 20 pounds.